Technology consulting for Ruby on Rails and ATG

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Our expertise is in ATG.

Management Team

Frank Kim (President)

Frank Kim was a Dynamo Application Server developer at ATG from 1999 until 2004. He was lead developer of the Dynamo Connection Modules and the Dynamo Admin Server. Frank was also part of the ATG J2EE 1.3 team, ATG Scenario Server, and the ATG Portal Server teams at different time.

After leaving ATG Frank consulted for various clients including,,, A&E Television,,, Casual Male, P&G,, and Bell Canada. The projects Frank has done have included:

  • UPromise
    • Lead Developer for Online Mall Portal (OLM).
    • Technical Lead of ATG Personalization development.
    • Developed OLM modules for displaying video, personalized content, specials, merchants, etc.
    • Designed activation flow framework, an extensible registration workflow engine.
    • Merged ATG’s auto-login framework with UPromise’s login framework.
    • ATG 2006.3 and JBoss 4.0.4 GA.
  • Perry Ellis
    • Director of Engineering
    • Led team that launched on 6/18/2006.
    • Responsible for checkout, promotions, gift certificates, inventory, order fulfillment, returns, account creation, profile management.
    • Did service and maintenance for after its launch, doing the QA, release engineering, and customer service.
    • Architected framework for
    • ATG 7.1 and ATG DAS 6.3.
  • HomePortfolio
    • Designed partner site system for allowing easy deployment of partner sites using‘s catalog.
    • Designed flat URL system for catalog navigating.
    • Optimized text search engine by building a cache of expected search queries.
    • Built servlet filter for flattening URL’s for search engine optimization.
    • Added numerous enhancements to the Online Showrooms including Promotions Management feature.
    • Designed Local Search feature.
    • ATG 4.5.1.
  • A&E Store
    • Designed Multiple Shipping Groups support.
    • Implemented Store Points payment system.
    • Created gateway for integrating LinkShare with AETV store.
    • Launched Rollergirls store as a reskinning of the existing AETV store.
    • Migrated A&E Television‘s e-commerce site from ATG 5.1.1 on Oracle 8i to ATG 6.3.0 on Oracle 9i.
      • Resolved database migration issues, fulfillment issues, scenario issues, orders and profiles rollback, etc.
    • ATG 6.3.0.
  • Casual Male
    • Did the Product Display Integration (PDI) which allows Casual Male products to be sold on
    • Designed and implemented product bundles feature.
    • Responsible for catalog, profile management, checkout, etc.
    • Analyzed and relieved multiple performance problems such as precaching of selected SKU’s.
    • ATG 6.4.0.
    • Implemented related ads and articles feature, targeted ads, JHTML as JSP workaround, and other enhancements for new web site running on ATG 6.2.0
  • Procter & Gamble Supplier Portal
    • Architected, designed, and implemented an Integrated Registration Framework.
    • Architected and designed an Alerts Framework.
    • Implemented Java thread pool using Doug Lea’s concurrent library for Web Services client.
    • Implemented scheduled services for resubmitting pending catalog requests, pending registrations, and contingent orders as well as updating product image availabilities.
    • Implemented service for querying inventory either on ATG or via web services to SIGMA. Filtered out-of-stock products using Endeca.
    • Implemented “You Might Also Like” feature
    • Modified cart functionality to distinguish customizable products.
  • Bell Canada
    • Implemented community portal.

Frank also has become heavily involved in Ruby on Rails development. is the first site Frank developed using Ruby on Rails and other sites are in the pipeline. He has also created the following demonstration websites.

Frank is a graduate of MIT with S.B. and S.M. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

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  1. could you please help me to understand on atg wishlist and giftlist with an example.
    AS i am new to ATG and i want to create a wish list.
    Thanks in advanced

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